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Market Value Pricing

  • Real time market pricing based on competitive comparisons of thousands of pre-owned websites
  • Full pricing analysis report
  • Vehicle inspection report from our Factory Trained Technicians
  • Repair Order with work completed
  • CarProof vehicle history report
  • Full disclosure pricing with no hidden fees

Find Out More About Toyota Certified Vehicles

  • Run and print Vehicle History Report and attach
  • Run a Techstream Health Check and attach diagnostic report
  • Check for and perform outstanding Safety Recall(s)
  • VINs match on vehicle and paperwork
  • Service Campaigns performed
  • Next scheduled maintenance performed

  • Starts (cold/hot)
  • Idles
  • Accelerates & cruises smoothly
  • Engine (cold/hot & high/low speeds)
  • Engine fan(s) operate properly
  • Throttle operates properly during cold start
  • Auto/manual operation/shifts (cold/hot)
  • Shift interlock switch operates
  • Clutch operates (smoothly and with proper adjustment)
  • Drive axle/transfer case operation
  • Steers normal (proper response, centering, free play)
  • Struts, shocks operate
  • Brakes operate (pedal effort/height appropriate, no pulling, pulsating)
  • ABS operates properly (via TechStream Health Check)
  • All gauges, speedometer, tachometer, odometer operate
  • Cruise Control System
  • Techstream “Healthcheck” performed and printed
  • No active or stored codes
  • Emission controls meet provincial requirements
  • Fluid leaks
  • Hoses lines: coolant, fuel, brake, steering, vacuum, A/C (check condition, leaks)
  • Belts (check wear, cracks, fraying, proper adjustment)
  • Power steering pump (check for leaks, noise)
  • Master cylinder and booster (check for leaks, noise)
  • Engine mounts not broken/ separated
  • Air filter (replace per maintenance schedule)
  • Ignition system works
  • Starter operates
  • Under-hood area clean, dressed and touched up as required
  • All under-hood labels are present
  • No evidence of collision repair
  • Under-hood fluids clear and uncontaminated
  • Engine oil and filter (replace per Maintenance Schedule)
  • Coolant (freeze point)
  • Automatic transmission/ transaxle clutch fluid
  • Brake fluid
  • Washer fluid
  • Power steering fluid
  • Radiator cap (perform pressure check, inspect for leaks, condition of tubes, fins)
  • Water pump (free from leaks and unusual noise)
  • Coolant recovery tank level sensor works
  • Engine coolant level within specification
  • Fuel pump operates
  • Perform battery check with Midtronics GR8 or NVS-8150.
  • Battery properly sized and secure
  • Charging system operating properly and within specification
  • Battery type, condition, fluid level, load test correct
  • Battery cables and mounts acceptable/ check terminals and clean
  • Alternator output correct (check voltage)
  • Reset CBES (Customized Body Electronic System)

  • No visible damage, signs of past repairs, no visible abnormal tire wear
  • Fuel lines, fuel tank, hoses and couplings not leaking
  • Entire exhaust system not damaged or leaking/ check exhaust hangers
  • Drive/axle shafts operate properly with no damage
  • Inspect transmission/ transaxle, differential, transfer case, no leaks: check fluid levels:
    fill/ change as required
  • Differential fluid level correct with no leaks fill/changes as required
  • Universal joints, CV joints, boots not damaged, leaking, or excess wear/looseness
  • All tires & wheels match, correct size
  • All tires’ tread depth, at least 40% remaining and in good condition
  • Normal tire wear, no alignment or sidewall problems
  • Tire pressures are correct
  • Wheel wells cleaned, dressed, free from damage and run-out normal
  • Wheel covers secure and reasonably free of damage
  • Chassis lubricated (per Maintenance Schedule)
  • Rack & pinion, linkage, boots not visibly damaged, leaking
  • Control arms, ball joints, bushing not visibly damaged, worn
  • Sway bars, links, bushings operate correctly
  • Springs have proper ride height (not sagged)
  • Struts, shocks not leaking
  • Wheel alignment correct
  • No suspension modifications
  • Calipers, cylinders operate with no leaks
  • Pads, shoes, at least 40% of original thickness remaining
  • Rotors, drums at least 50% of original thickness spec; not scored; run-out within factory
  • Brake lines, hoses, fittings not worn or leaking
  • Parking brake operates/adjusted

  • Chips and scratches repaired and clear-coated
  • Exterior is washed, clean and free of water spots
  • Wheel wells are clean
  • Paint is free of wax residue
  • Not visibly damaged; paint not mismatched or poor quality
  • Hood release, prop rod/gas struts operate
  • All emblems are present and fully attached
  • Components free from visible damage and attached
  • Windshield free from cracks and stars
  • Side/rear windows free from cracks and stars
  • Mirrors not cracked, visibly damaged
  • Replace wiper blades
  • Headlights aligned, auto on/off
  • Fog, driving lights, daytime running lights
  • Brake lights, high-mount brake light
  • Turn signals, side marker lights
  • Parking lights
  • Reverse lights
  • Emergency lights
  • License plate lights
  • Air bags intact, no codes, dash light works
  • Safety belts operate, free from cuts or wear
  • Air conditioning and heating systems
  • Defog/defrost (front, rear, outside mirrors if app.)
  • Cabin air filter (if equipped). Replace if necessary
  • Radio, cassette, CD, DVD, remote, speakers, antenna operate
  • Vehicle security system operates
  • Navigation system operates
  • Dash/console
  • Tilt/telescopic steering wheel, column lock
  • Steering wheel operation
  • Horn operates
  • Wipers & washers operate in all modes, no streaks
  • Lights - instrument panel, courtesy, dome (fade-away), map operate
  • Mirror controls (rear view, side mirrors) operate
  • Ashtrays, lighter, power outlet(s) & multi-media Ports
  • Glove box, glove box light
  • Sun visors, vanity mirror & lights
  • Cup holders
  • 12v ACC power outlet operates properly
  • Interior remote luggage compartment release operate properly
  • Fuel door release operates properly
  • Master key is present
  • No evidence of previous improper interior repairs
  • Carpet (check for rust under it due to flood damage) Single layer mats secured in hooks.
    Place extras in trunk.
  • Floor mats (if any)
  • Door trim, panels attached
  • Fold-down latches work
  • Headliner
  • Interior is free of debris
  • Free of odor, including heavy fragrance
  • Seats clean, not stained, worn, cut, cracked
  • All Seat components and functions operate properly
  • Integrated child safety seats operate
  • Heated and cooled seats operate
  • Moonroof operates in all modes
  • Convertible top & cover operate; not damaged
  • Door jams are clean
  • Glass is clean and free of streaks
  • Windows tinting clear and conforms to local requirements
  • All keys present and function
  • Door locks & handles (manual & power modes)
  • Window controls (manual & power modes)
  • Remote deck lid & fuel door releases
  • All crevices are clean
  • Carpet, trim, cargo net; clean, not damaged
  • Luggage compartment light works
  • Jack and all spare tire tools operate
  • Weather stripping intact, no leaking
  • Spare tire correct size/type, at least 40% tread remaining, no sidewall damage, air pressure
  • Spare tire and storage areas are clean
  • Spare tire is securely fastened
  • Trunk latch operates
  • Vehicle has been completely reconditioned/ detailed

Everything listed above plus:

  • Multi-Information Display
  • Inverter Coolant Level
  • Engine and ECT (Electronically Controlled Transmission)
  • THS related ECU (Hybrid Vehicle Electronic Control Unit)
  • Hybrid HV (High Voltage) Battery
  • Perform “Onboard Equalizing Charge” of HV Battery (if app.)
  • Check Transaxle “Park” function
  • Hybrid power management control module
  • Electric motor / generator operates properly
  • Power inverter operates properly
  • EV/Eco/Power modes operates properly
  • Multi-information display operates properly
  • Touch Tracer display operates properly
  • Hill Start Assist Control operates properly
  • Remote air conditioning system (if equipped) operates properly
  • Solar powered ventilation system (if equipped) operates properly

Warranties the failure of:


Cylinder head, block, all internally lubricated parts, manifolds, timing gears, timing cover, flywheel, oil pump/oil pump housing, water, fuel pump, harmonic balancer, OHC carriers, oil pan, engine mount.


Case, all internal parts, torque converter, transfer case, transmission/transaxle mounts.

Front / Rear Wheel Drive:

Final drive housing, all internal parts, axle shafts and axle shaft bearings, constant velocity joints, axle housing, propeller shafts, universal joints, locking hubs, front differential actuator, supports, front and rear axle hub bearings.

Work must be done at Acadia Toyota.

Acadia Toyota offers a 30-day / 2,000 kilometre* exchange policy on all Toyota Certified Used Vehicles.
Should you be unhappy with your TCUV you may exchange it for another TCUV** at Acadia Toyota.

*Days / Kilometres - Whichever comes first.
**Vehicle exchange privilege is limited to one exchange.